Conference play begins: Nevada baseball goes 1–1 against Air Force

What was supposed to be a three game weekend turned into a double header when game two was suspended due to darkness. After losing against Air Force 3–7, the next game was quite the competition for Nevada. In 13 innings, Nevada pulled out a win 19–18.

Nevada led in the first game in the fourth inning. First up to bat was Tyler Bosestti and he hit a home run. The second run came in after Pat Caulfield hit a double to center field and Joshua Zamora, who was hit by a pitch, was able to make it to home. With Caulfield on second, Matt Clayton RBI him in with a single. Nevada was up 3–0.

Air Force’s Braydon Altorfer reciprocated the Bosetti home run in the next inning and put one run on board. The fifth inning also saw a run come in for Air Force after an RBI double. Two more runs were scored in the bottom of the seventh inning, making the score 4–3, Air Force up.

In the eighth, Air Force had two singles which got run in after a bunt and double to right center. Air Force won 7–3.

The next game was a long one.

The second inning is where it all started. Nevada got six runs and Air Force had one. Two Nevada batters were walked and one hit by a pitch to make bases loaded. Peter Mendazona and Bosetti were also hit by a pitch and led two runs to come in. Jacob Stinson was next up to bat and he flied out to right field, but Anthony Flores ran in and scored. Caulfield and Zamora both hit RBI singles to gain three more runs for Nevada, making the score 6–0. Air Force had one run come in after an RBI double was hit down the right field line.

Three runs were scored by Air Force in the fourth inning. Three singles started off the inning and a fly ball to center field allowed one runner to score. Two more runs were scored on an RBI single to center field. Nevada was still ahead 6–4.

Nevada had another high scoring inning in the top of the sixth. Bases were loaded for most of the inning and four runs were made. The first two batters got out and the next four walked, scoring one run. A double by Dario Gomez led three runs in to make the score 10–4.

Air Force tightened that lead with two home runs and an RBI double in the sixth. The score now 10–7.

Nevada got a homerun of their own in the next inning. Two RBI doubles led three runs in. Gomez hit a homerun with Zamora on base and made the lead 15–7. Air Force only got one run in this inning.

Bosetti’s RBI double led two runs in during the top of the eighth. Caulfield did the same but only ran one run in, making the score 18–8.

Air Force added ten runs in the bottom of the eighth to tie the game up at 18–18. A homerun ran two people in. Another home run ran three runners in. An infield error led to an RBI bunt. Three runs came in after a triple out to right center. And the eighteenth run was an RBI single.

The ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth innings were scoreless. The thirteenth inning is when Nevada found home plate again. Bosetti hit a single, Stinson was hit by a pitch and Caulfield got a single off of a bunt. Bosetti was thrown out at third base. With runners on first and second, Gomez was back up to bat. He had an RBI single through the right side and made the score 19–18. Air Force did not score at their last up to bat so Nevada won.

Now 1–1 in conference and 4–5 overall, Nevada baseball will play three games against San Jose State at home on March 11 to 13. San Jose State is 2–1 in conference and 8–4 overall.

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