Men’s basketball falls to Wyoming for a second time this season

In their third to last game of conference play, Nevada men’s basketball falls to Wyoming 74–61.

Right off the bat, Warren Washington gets two points for Nevada from a jumper. Wyoming gets two three-pointers and Demond Cambridge Jr. gets one right after for Nevada. The first half was not very active for Nevada. They made one to three shots about every two minutes of the half. The efficiency that Wyoming had put Nevada down by 16 points at half, 42–26.

Nevada had a field goal percentage of 37.93, three pointer percentage of 25 and free throw percentage at 66.67. Compare this to Wyomings 45.45 percentage in field goals, 33.33 percentage in three pointers and 77.78 percentage in free throws.

Nevada had a small run in the beginning of the second half. Kenan Blackshear was good on two free throws and a three pointer. Grant Sherfield and Cambridge Jr. both added a jumper. This only got the Wyoming lead down to 11 though.

Two minutes later, Will Baker had two good free throws and Blackshear had a layup. Sherfield got hot with back-to-back three pointers and Daniel Foster added two more free throws. Still, these buckets had Nevada trailing 12.

Fouls by Wyoming is the main thing that let Nevada squish the lead. Foster and Washington both had another free throw opportunity, sinking three of the four. Washington also had a dunk with three minutes left and Tré Coleman ended the game with a three.

Wyoming did not let Nevada take a lead and won by 13 points, 74–61.

The men travel to Boise State for their last away conference game. Boise is 14–2 in conference and Nevada is now 6–10. Nevada lost to Boise 70–85 on Jan. 12. The game will be on March 1 at 6 p.m.

Kelsey Middleton can be reached at or on Twitter @kelsmiddleunr

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