Nevada baseball goes 1–2 in Santa Barbara

After four games in Arizona, Nevada baseball traveled to California and faced UCSB in three games from Feb. 25 to 27.

Nevada went 1–2 against the school on the coast. They are now 3–4 overall.

Pitching for Nevada in game one was Cam Walty, game two was Peyton Stumbo and Tyler Cochran and game three was Alejandro Murillo.

Game 1

The bottom of the second inning is where the first run of the game was. With a golf swing by Nick Oakley in the gap of right and center field, Broc Mortenson ran from first base in for a lead of 1–0. Another run came in when Nevada shortstop Peter Mendazona and center field Dario Gomez didn’t communicate and dropped a pop fly to. Nevada challenged a tag out at second base after Jason Willow stole during a pitch and Matt Clayton connected with Joshua Zamora. The call was reversed and Nevada got its third out for the inning.

It wasn’t until the seventh inning when Nevada saw home plate. A home run by Anthony Flores got Nevada on the scoreboard 1–2.

Doubles were UCSB’s best friend. Two UCSB athletes doubled down the right field line and RBI two runners in. The score was finalized at 4–1, UCSB.

Game 2

Santa Barbara also got the first run in Saturday’s game. Nevada walked the first batter of the game, Jordan Spinkle, who ended up stealing second and running in on a single. A similar occurrence happened in the second inning where the first batter walked, advanced off of a double and then scored on a ground out. The score was 2–0 UCSB.

Nevada made a comeback in the fourth. Tyler Bosetti walked and advanced to home after a single by Jacob Stinson, stealing third and scoring off of an error by the catcher. Stinson, now on third, was sent home after Gomez singled up the middle, tying the score at 2–2.

Another run was scored in the fifth by Nevada. Cameron Jowaiszas hit a double and scored after Bosetti singled through the left side. Nevada took the lead 3–2. Although UCSB had a home run in the same inning and tied the game again.

Santa Barbara took the lead in the seventh inning after a single RBI ran in one player.

Right after, Nevada had a big eighth inning. Three batters were walked and bases were loaded. Pat Caulfield was up to bat and hit a single up the middle, advancing two players to home plate. Nevada took the lead again and ended the game winning 5–4.

Game 3

UCSB went all out in game three and Nevada was not able to keep up after a long first inning.

The first five batters all had singles which ran in three runs. A walk, a triple and a double then let UCSB gain four more runs. A total of seven runs were scored. Two more runs were added in the second inning after two doubles and a single were hit.

Nevada got its first run in the fourth inning. Zamora doubled down the left field line and Gomez, who was on first, ran in.

UCSB’s tenth run was scored in the fourth after three singles were hit.

Caulfield scored in the sixth inning due to Ryan Jacksons double down the left field line. The score was now 2–10.

Two more runs were put on the scoreboard for Santa Barbara in the seventh inning. But Nevada had a small comeback of its own in the eighth. A walk and two singles ran Michael Ball in. Another single by Jaxon Woodhouse ran two more players in. The next inning, Nevada scored one more run. Bosetti hit a single and stole second on a wild pitch. Stinson walked and a single by Gomez brought Bosetti in for a final score of 6–12.

Nevada takes flight to Air Force next weekend for another three games. Air Force is currently 3–5 overall.

Kelsey Middleton can be reached at or on Twitter @kelsmiddleunr

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