Women’s golf finishes ninth in Fresno State Classic

It was the women’s eighth tournament of the season and third time placing ninth. Nevada started tied for fourth in the first round and unfortunately struggled in the last two rounds. Although one player had a great shot on the thirteenth hole of the final round.

From March 21 to 22, nine women competed in the Fresno State Classic at the tree filled Belmont Country Club course. The course is a par 72 and 6066 yards of fresh green grass.

Anitra Khoth did the best for Nevada, tying for seventh out of all the golfers in the Classic. Her three round scores were 76, 73 and 69 for a total of 218, two over par.

Junior Leah John and senior Victoria Gailey tied for twenty-fifth, both ending seven over par and 223 overall. John was over par in all three rounds and Gailey was over in the first and third round. In her second round, Gailey shot even and was the only Nevada golfer to hit this.

Kathleen Keomahavong tied for sixtieth place. Her total was 233, 17 over par. She shot over three, five and nine in her three rounds.

Madeline Zunino got sixty-sixth place being 19 over par. Her total of 235 came from scores of 74, 81 and 80. Zunino one swing in the third round that doesn’t happen often… a hole in one. The thirteenth hole was where she landed this shot. The hole was supposed to be a par three, but Zunino didn’t need the extra two tries this time.

Kayla Nocum and Kaitlin Fleiner placed sixty-seventh with a total of 236, 20 over par. Nocum had a rough round one and shot over par by 11. She improved to hit over two in the next round and then over seven in the final round. Fleiner started off strong with only one over par but shot over 11 in the next round. The final round she had over eight compared to par.

Raesa Sheikh paced seventy-third in the Classic. Being 21 over par, she had a final score of 237. Her scores were 80, 78 and 79.

As a team, Nevada shot 295, 302 and 299 for an overall score of 896. Their score was 32 over par. All teams in the Classic shot over par. Hawaii, who came in first, was one over par. UC Davis, coming in last at fifteenth, was 60 over par.

Nevada women’s golf will travel to their last tournament of the season on April 4 and 5 before the Mountain West Championships from April 18 to 20. The last tournament is the Cowgirl Classic in Maricopa, Ariz.

Kelsey Middleton can be reached at kelseymiddleton@sagebrush.unr.edu or on Twitter @kelsmiddleunr

Originally published at http://nevadasagebrush.com.



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